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Your trusted admission guide for study Canada

Pathways2canada is your trusted and reliable study guide for international students admission to Canadian school, college and universities. We support international students to choose their program and schools, college and universities based on their career goals and needs. 

Our Mission & Values

Our goal is to help international students to enrol Canadian schools. We do support students to get admission in Canadian schools, arrange custodians, accommodation, airport pick up and more…


Pathways2Canada is running from Canada. We are accountable to Canadian rules and regulations and the students and their parents


We do listen carefully students and their parents needs and goals to study in Canada regardless their ethnicity and religious background. 


Students and their parents will get real and accurate information all about school admission, living arrangement. 


We do not compromised with quality of services for our international students and their parents. Our goal is to provide quality services for international students, parents by Canadian rules and regulations. There is no way to breach Canadian laws/rules to do business in Canada. 

Our Process


We do carefully assess international students and their parents needs and goals to study in Canada


After doing careful eligibility assessment we do provide students to apply for school admission with required documents and fees

Apply Study per

We do support internatinal students to provide general information about study permit. Moreover, we do arrange regulated immigration consultant/Lawyer to apply for study permit.

Arrive canada

After getting study permit and TRV we do provide support students and their parents for per arrival counseling, airport pick up, living arrnagement and post arrival counseling

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Smart students and their parents are always make the right decision to choose the right school for their kids..Yes it is Canadian school-A world leading study destination among international students 

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