Choose your Canadian School

 There are three tire education system in Canada


Elementary school
Secondary school
K-Grade 12
Certificate/Diploma Program
Undergraduate/Graduate Program

Why do you choose Canadian School?

  • Top rated schools in the world
  • World class quality education in the globe
  • Reasonable tuition fees compared to US/Europe schools
  • Best teacher (Certified by Ministry of Education) does care for Students
  • Liveable cities in the world
  • Multicultural Cities and country of immigrants 
  • Part time job opportunity
  • Pathways to work permit/PGWP leads to PR/Canadian Citizen


Our Services


Admission Assistance

  • Contact with school
  • Fill the application form out
  • Prepare required documents

Study Permit

  • Provide general information for study permit
  • Country specific TRV/Study permit info
  • Support from local office
  • Arrange immigration consultant/Lawyer

Homestay and others

  • Arrange Custodian (Applicable for minor children)
  • Arrange Housing/Accommodation
  • Airport Pick up
  • Job search support

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced Services

We do provide comprehensive study guideline and support for international students and their families. Our experienced and committed staff are providing quality services to their clients 

Reliable & Registered

Our business is registered under Canada Business Registration Corporation Act. and Ontario Corporation Information Act.

Proper guidance

Sometimes it is stressful to choose the school and program to study abroad. Our certified education counsellor will help you out to find the right school program based on your career goal. 

Quality service and Professionalism

We do maintain our quality services  with our outmost professionalism. Our clients is our top most priority

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School’s tuition fees


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