Your Study Pathways

Pathways2Canada is your perfect study admission guide for Canadian school, college and universities. We support international students to choose their program and schools, college and universities based on their career goals.

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Learn By Exploring Canada

Canada is one of the leading study place for international students 

Canada is one of the liveable and diverse country around the world

Explore Canada’s beautiful weather, nature, multicultural society and people





Mission & Vision

To connect future international students to Canadian schools based on their academic goal

To support international students to become global students in world leading Canadian schools




Six Steps to your Study Pathways


Choose your school/Program

  • Find your school, colleges and universities
  • Search your program based on your academic/career goals
  • Explore the admission requirements


Apply for Admission

  • Prepare your documents to apply for school/college/university
  • Pay application fees
  • Prepared for interview (if required)
  • Pay tuition fees
  • Arrange custodian (Applicable minor child study program)


Get Acceptance Letter

Congratulations!! You get your letter of acceptance


Apply for study permit

  • Explore study permit requirments
  • Explore local visa office requirments for TRV
  • Gather your required documents
  • Apply for study permits 


Prepare for Travel to Canada

  • Arrange accomodation
  • Shopping for your new destination
  • Buy air ticket
  • Explore Canada weather, transportation, Banking, Mobile carrier, internet and culture



Arrive in Canada/Welcome Canada

  • Report your school with required docs
  • Start your class, making new freinds, create networking
  • Job search (Part time) (on/off campus)
Some Common Questions


How much is the Tuition cost?

A: It depends on school; For Public school C$16000-$18000/Yr. For private school C$18000-$45000/Yr

What documents required for admission?

A: a. Last two years academic transcript.

b. Letter of recommendation

c. Copy of passport

d. Application form

e. Application fees


How can I apply for Study permit?

A: For applying study permit please click here



Do you arrange accommodation, airport pick up?

A: Yes, we provide support to arrange accommodation for international students and their families. Also we provide support for airport pickup 

What about custodian?

A: Custodian is needed for minor children but at least one parent can accompany their kids

Our business registration and certification

Pathways2Canada INC. is registered (Corporation No.1223176-0) under Canada Business registration Corporation Act. by Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada. Our business also registered with Ontario Corporation information Act. (Corporation No. 003247659). Our Education Counsellor is certified by ICEF Canada..


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